Graphics - Belen Apaz

Translated by Vincent Rosivach and Others
Adapted by Zbigniew Maciak

Studies in Misanthropy aka Hating Humanity is a Waste of Time, based on Menander’s “Dyskolos” (“The Difficult One”) First produced in Athens in 316 B.C. This Ancient Greek comedy gives a portrait of the First Misanthrope. In a rapid turn of events, confronted with the neighbours and the supernatural powers of the Nymphs, (who dwell in the sanctuary next door) - this mean, troublesome man, who hates literally all humanity, is forced to embark on a deeply spiritual journey.

Pan Juan C. Tajes Getas/Slave Joost van Oosterhout Knemon/
Misanthrope Roberto Bacchilega/Simikhe Woman Slave Silvia Terribili
Masks & Costumes Juan C. Tajes/Music Joost van Oosterhout, Juan C. Tajes
Directed by Zbigniew Maciak in collaboration with the actors

An AstaroTheatro and TaBaJuCa Production

20:30//Saturday 9 September
18:30//Sunday 10 September
20:30//Thursday 14 September
& 18:30//Sunday 17 September