a short film by Werther Germondari & Maria Laura Spagnoli
with Reinhard Zich
& music by Paolo Pizzi

A man awaits his turn at the psychoanalyst’s…
Un uomo attende il suo turno dallo psicanalista…

Maria Laura Spagnoli (1960, Italy) studied history of music in Rome and worked on several operas and plays. In 1988 she started to co-operate with Werther Germondari. In 1990, in Rome, she attended a direction stage with director Nanni Loy, and she was admitted to the Rossini Opera Academy in Pesaro.

Werther Germondari (Rimini/Italy/1963) lives and works in Rome. Interested in innovative experimental dynamics that are neo-conceptual and situational, characterized by a taste for the ironic and surreal, Werther Germondari has experimented for 35 years through many different expressive media (painting, installations, photography, film, videos, live performance).

at SICK Art Exhibition from 13:00//Saturday 16 September//VONDELBUNKER