by Stefano D’Arrigo (inspired by HorcinusOrca)
Thursday 4th Septemberat Juan C.Tajes Art Studio 20:30
Sunday 7th September at De Vondelbunker 20:30
Wednesday 10th September at Astarotheatro 20:30

War is over. A young man wants to go back to his island, but he needs a trasfer to cross the strait. An unknown woman offers him a transfer. ‘’Let’s be quick, because night is turning into dawn, and dawn is not of use for the two of us.’’ 
She was an extraordinary creature, able to tame the killer whales and let them work for her.  She was black and deeply sealed as a mussel.
He could not see her face.

Performed by Silvia Terribili
(55 minutes)

Photo Tatjana Todorovic